Password Managers & Generators

PC Tools Password Utilities

Create your passwords easier.

developer: PC Tools
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-07-06
downloads: 3246
Multimedia Protector Premium

Content and Copy Protection, DRM for Flash, PDF, PPT, EXE, Word, Video

developer: Mirage Computer Systems GmbH
license: Trial
updated: 2010-09-24
downloads: 3235
Password Keychain

Password Keychain allows you to save all your passwords in one place, encrypted and at your...

developer: Nelson Fernandez
license: Freeware
updated: 2006-03-28
downloads: 3203
SpotIE Password Recovery 2.4.9

This application will enable you to retrieve numerous IE passwords or auto-complete data.

developer: Nsasoft LLC
version: 2.4.9
license: Demo
updated: 2011-12-27
downloads: 3195
ImVajra Password Manager

Store, manage passwords, credit card info and other personal info for security.

developer: ImVajra Software Studio
license: Trial
updated: 2009-12-22
downloads: 3168
SoftFuse Password Generator Free 2.4

This software will offer you the possibility to easily create secure passwords to protect your...

developer: SoftFuse Development
version: 2.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-12-11
downloads: 3124
Username/Password Generator

A program to generate a set of usernames and strong passwords

developer: Secrett Systems
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-12-15
downloads: 3109
Cute Password Manager 2008 1.3.7

Login and fill forms with just a few mouse clicks

developer: iBit-Lab
version: 2008 1.3.7
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-10-08
downloads: 3103
Credit Card Knight 1.4.0 Build 125

Prevent your credit card data from stealing by carders from your computer

developer: FSPro Labs
version: 1.4.0 Build 125
license: Demo
updated: 2009-10-01
downloads: 3036
Multi-Pass 1.2b

Multi-Pass - Store your private information safely

developer: Alex Tischenko
version: 1.2b
license: Freeware
updated: 2006-09-01
downloads: 3009
Advanced Password Generator special 1.0

An application designed to generate passwords of any length and character content

developer: Advanced Password Generator special
license: Shareware
updated: 2004-08-13
downloads: 3004
Akala Password Revealer 1.00.031103

Powerful yet compact and easy to use password manager

developer: Zero2000 Software
license: Shareware
updated: 2003-11-25
downloads: 2999
Password Notebook Plus 1.0

Password Notebook Plus is a secure password management tool that hides your sensitive login...

developer: Moon 1000
license: Freeware
updated: 2004-09-20
downloads: 2936
Universal Password Manager 1.8

A cross platform password manager

developer: Adrian Smith
version: 1.8
license: GPL
updated: 2012-01-25
downloads: 2922
Password Gorilla

An application that helps you manage your logins and passwords

developer: Frank Pilhofer
license: GPL
updated: 2012-01-22
downloads: 2916
Password Agent Lite 2.6.2

Store all yoursensitive data in a secure, compact and easy to navigate database

developer: Moon Software
version: 2.6.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-11-27
downloads: 2893
Password Safeguard 1.0

It's a program specially created to help people systematize and store securely valuable information

developer: Total Screen Recorder Inc
version: 1.0
license: Shareware
updated: 2008-05-15
downloads: 2886
Password Generator 1.0

Password Generator is helping you to generate new passwords in bulk

developer: RoosieWeb
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2006-02-13
downloads: 2881
My MSN Password Recovery 1.1 Build 100.2009

A program which will help you recover MSN Messenger passwords.

developer: Null Logics Software
version: 1.1 Build 100.2009
license: Demo
updated: 2009-10-08
downloads: 2843
Personal Passworder 3.9.8

You will never forget your passwords again, because this application will remember them for...

developer: DVAsoft
version: 3.9.8
license: Trial
updated: 2008-02-26
downloads: 2799

UDC - test the quality of data-protection systems and provide methods for secure passwords...

developer: The [SNS] Technologies
license: Demo
updated: 2007-03-23
downloads: 2746
Truly Random 1.73

A highly configurable password and number generator

developer: Solid Programs
version: 1.73
license: Trial
updated: 2011-11-17
downloads: 2742
Password Keeper 7.1

Safely store your account passwords for quick retrieval.

developer: Gregory Braun
version: 7.1
license: Shareware
updated: 2008-09-11
downloads: 2728
Outlook Express Protector 2.3

This software will enable you to set a password in order to protect the data from your Outlook...

developer: Ixis Ltd
version: 2.3
license: Trial
updated: 2010-05-21
downloads: 2723
ANIXIS Password Reset 1.2

ANIXIS Password Reset is a self-service password management system that allows users to reset...

developer: Anixis
version: 1.2
license: Shareware
updated: 2005-12-14
downloads: 2688
RememberMe 1.9

Manage your passwords with this tool.

developer: Capp-Ware Solutions LLC
version: 1.9
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-06-30
downloads: 2683
Password Viewer 0.93

Simple utility to view passwords shown in asterisks (***).

developer: Martin Seelhofer
version: 0.93
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-07-24
downloads: 2675
SecureSafe Pro 2.74

Need to store all confidential information in one place? This is the solution!

version: 2.74
license: Trial
updated: 2010-06-19
downloads: 2674
Passwordstate 5.3 Build 5300

Track passwords for both individuals, and Shared Password Lists for teams.

developer: Click Studios
version: 5.3 Build 5300
license: Demo
updated: 2011-12-23
downloads: 2673
Passwords Base 4.0

Safety passwords management and keeping for programs of any kind

developer: MIKLSOFT
version: 4.0
license: Trial
updated: 2011-12-28
downloads: 2670
Atomic IE Password Cracker 2.00

Recovers passwords saved in all versions of Internet Explorer in a while

developer: AtomPark Software
version: 2.00
license: Demo
updated: 2011-03-01
downloads: 2630
Password Generator 1.6 Build 9436

Easily generate case sensitive / insensitive random passwords

developer: Canadian Mind Products
version: 1.6 Build 9436
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-15
downloads: 2613
Password Assistant 2.0

The software checks your current passwords & generate new, strong passwords

developer: Moon Valley Software
version: 2.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-12-19
downloads: 2610
Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook recovery tool. Repair pst and ost files of Microsoft Outlook.

developer: Recovery ToolBox
license: Demo
updated: 2011-03-11
downloads: 2608
Passwords Keeper 1.8

This easy passwords manager will store all your passwords.

developer: Aleksei Taranov
version: 1.8
updated: 2010-06-15
downloads: 2591
Spotmau Windows Password Finder

Retrieve or reset Windows administrator or user passwords

developer: Spotmau Corporation
license: Demo
updated: 2010-10-19
downloads: 2571
User Password Saver 2.1.14

User Password Saver - Save Usernames and Passwords; login to access them

developer: Robert Orndorff
version: 2.1.14
license: Freeware
updated: 2005-08-27
downloads: 2569
S10 Password Vault 4

Auto-login to any website or program. Keep all account info securely on your PC.

developer: S10 Software
version: 4
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-07-11
downloads: 2524
Password Dragon 5.0.8

A free password manager

developer: Ramesh Natarajan
version: 5.0.8
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-11-23
downloads: 2459
Steganos Password Manager 2009

Create, encrypt and manage all your passwords

developer: Steganos GmbH
version: 2009
license: Trial
updated: 2008-06-09
downloads: 2458

Highly secure and functional password manager

developer: Marek Jedlinski
license: Mozilla Public License
updated: 2008-11-10
downloads: 2426
Anetto Password Saver 3.1

Personal password manager with wide opportunities and settings.

developer: Anetto Software
license: Shareware
updated: 2004-12-06
downloads: 2412
Lotus Word Pro Password 1.3

Instantly recover Lotus Word Pro files and Team Security passwords

developer: Thegrideon Software
version: 1.3
license: Demo
updated: 2009-07-23
downloads: 2386
Password Organizer Deluxe 3.7

Organize personal or business passwords, login names, ids.

developer: PrimaSoft PC
version: 3.7
license: Trial
updated: 2011-06-08
downloads: 2374
ViPNet Password Roulette 2.9.2 build 1042

Password Roulette Free password generator makes easy-to-remember passwords

developer: INFOTECS GmbH
version: 2.9.2 build 1042
license: Freeware
updated: 2006-08-25
downloads: 2365
TS Password Change 1.0

Allow the end user to change their domain password

developer: Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Pty Ltd
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2007-09-05
downloads: 2364
Password Control 2.4

Active Directory Helpdesk Password Reset Tool & Sys Admin Bulk Modify Tool

developer: WiseSoft
version: 2.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-05-20
downloads: 2349
Atomic ZIP Password Recovery 2.70

Restore lost passwords on .ZIP archives

developer: AtomPark Software
version: 2.70
license: Demo
updated: 2012-01-19
downloads: 2345
PST Password Recovery 1.0.2

This software will provide everything you want from a password restorer

developer: Intelore
version: 1.0.2
license: Shareware
updated: 2008-09-19
downloads: 2342
Passcape Outlook Password Recovery

An application that can help you to recover ALL MS Outlook passwords

developer: Passcape Software
license: Demo
updated: 2011-10-22
downloads: 2311
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