Firefox Extensions

Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar

A Firefox add-on that supports people with disabilities in accessing web resources

developer: Jon Gunderson & Illinois Center for Information Accessibility
license: GPL
updated: 2011-09-02
downloads: 780
FlashFirebug 3.2.2

A Firefox add-on that makes debugging Flash inside browsers a breeze

developer: O-Minds
version: 3.2.2
license: GPL
updated: 2012-01-15
downloads: 780
CCK Wizard 1.3.2

A Firefox add-on that allows you to create your own extension that customizes Firefox

developer: Michael Kaply
version: 1.3.2
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-11-16
downloads: 779
Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar 4.0.14

A Firefox add-on that creates an vertical bookmark toolbar

developer: White Alice0775
version: 4.0.14
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-18
downloads: 777
Tab Popup 1.2.3

A Firefox add-on that displays the page content when you hover your mouse over the tabs.

developer: Adarsh TP
version: 1.2.3
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-14
downloads: 771
VWC Cocoon 20110923173620

A Firefox add-on designed to provide online privacy.

developer: Virtual World Computing LLC
version: 20110923173620
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-09-26
downloads: 768
EmotiConverter 1.0.4

A Firefox add-on that replaces the character string for image links.

developer: Jack Sparrow
version: 1.0.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-03-30
downloads: 768
Launch Clipboard 1.8

Firefox add-on that allows you to open stored URLs in stored clipboards

developer: White Alice0775
version: 1.8
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-14
downloads: 767
NextPlease! 0.9.2

A Firefox add-on that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts

developer: Howie Wang
version: 0.9.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-02-19
downloads: 762

Firefox add-on that makes any website in Tex-enabled

developer: Avital Oliver
version: 1.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-08-12
downloads: 760
Video Bookmarks 0.9.7

A Firefox add-on that allows you to collect and organize your video taken from any video host.

developer: Marques Gunter
version: 0.9.7
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-11
downloads: 758
Winter Holiday Christmas Theme 2.0.1

A beautiful, funny theme for your browser in the holiday period

developer: Brand Thunder
version: 2.0.1
license: Ad-supported
updated: 2011-04-16
downloads: 758
TinyURL Generator 2.5.1

A Firefox add-on that silently generates a TinyURL for your current page

developer: Richard Miles
version: 2.5.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-09-16
downloads: 755
Multi Links

A Firefox add-on that lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links simultaneously

developer: Grizzly Ape
license: GPL
updated: 2011-12-28
downloads: 753
FaceTweak 1.0.4

The ultimate Facebook enhancer integrated in a Firefox add-on

developer: Linkular LLC
version: 1.0.4
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-07-23
downloads: 752
Searchbar Autosizer 2.0.0 Beta / 1.5.7

A Firefox add-on that helps you autosize the searchbar as you type and you can clean it after...

developer: Kevin Cox
version: 2.0.0 Beta / 1.5.7
license: Donationware
updated: 2012-01-23
downloads: 749
NHL's Montreal Canadiens 2.0.1

The official NHL Montreal Canadiens hockey toolbar and theme

developer: Brand Thunder
version: 2.0.1
license: Ad-supported
updated: 2011-04-17
downloads: 749
Gladiatus Fighting Tools 2.8.0

A Firefox add-on for the web based game named Gladiatus

developer: D33t
version: 2.8.0
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-07-12
downloads: 748
Instasaver 1.6.2

A Firefox add-on that helps you submit the webpage that you are currently visiting to Instapaper

developer: Francesco Lerro
version: 1.6.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-16
downloads: 746
FireBall 0.9

A Firefox add-on that displays MLB scores in your status bar

developer: Ben Schmeckpeper
version: 0.9
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-03-15
downloads: 739
ConQuery 1.7.3 Mod 4 Beta 12

A Firefox add-on used for URL manipulation

developer: Vasa Maximov
version: 1.7.3 Mod 4 Beta 12
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-03-29
downloads: 739
ThumbsDown 0.20

A Firefox add-on that helps you download images with ease

developer: Atte Kemppila
version: 0.20
license: Freeware
updated: 2012-01-23
downloads: 734
Multicolumn Bookmarks 1.4

Firefox add-on that allows you to switch between single and multiple column page layouts.

developer: Alexander Pohoyda
version: 1.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-03-31
downloads: 734
TeaTimer 1.2.2

A Firefox add-on that doesn't allow you to miss your tea time.

developer: Philipp Sohnlein
version: 1.2.2
license: Donationware
updated: 2012-01-01
downloads: 733
Halloween 5.0

A Firefox special theme for Halloween

developer: Ed Hume
version: 5.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-12
downloads: 730
Exit Button 0.4.2

A Firefox add-on that adds a new button to your toolbar.

developer: Mark S Baines
version: 0.4.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-08-05
downloads: 728
URL Fixer 3.1

Firefox add-on that corrects typos in URL.

developer: Christopher Finke
version: 3.1
license: GPL
updated: 2011-08-20
downloads: 727
Censure Block 0.44

Firefox add-on that blocks sites by the rules specified in your own templates

developer: Vasiliy Temnikov
version: 0.44
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-02-25
downloads: 727
Deng Google Bookmarks 1.6

A Firefox add-on that allows you to access Google Bookmarks

developer: Jose Javier Sanjose
version: 1.6
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-12-13
downloads: 724
Cite This! 0.20

A Firefox add-on that allows you to generate Harvard reference system-style citations for the...

developer: Jamie Ly
version: 0.20
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-17
downloads: 722
Host Images with Right-Click 4.0

Firefox add-on that allows you to upload images from other sites to Free Image Hosting.

developer: Mecho Download
version: 4.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-26
downloads: 721
Red Cats (green flavor)

A Firefox theme that turns your Firefox into Firecat

developer: Red_Fat_Lazy_Cat
license: Freeware
updated: 2012-01-07
downloads: 720
Resurrect Pages 2.0.7

A Firefox add-on that allows you to see dead pages

developer: Anthony Lieuallen
version: 2.0.7
license: MIT License
updated: 2011-07-04
downloads: 718
FirePath 0.9.7

A Firebug extension that adds a development tool to edit, inspect and generate XPath expressions

developer: Pierre Tholence
version: 0.9.7
license: GPL
updated: 2011-08-09
downloads: 716
Red Cats (blue flavor)

A Firefox theme that helps you turn your Firefox into Firecat

developer: Red_Fat_Lazy_Cat
license: Freeware
updated: 2012-01-07
downloads: 715 2.0.3

Firefox add-on generates random disposable email addresses.

developer: Frank Burian
version: 2.0.3
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-07-02
downloads: 713
Cache Status 0.7.10

A Mozilla add-on that will show you the cache level.

developer: Jason Purdy
version: 0.7.10
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-07
downloads: 709
Stratini Padded 2.3

Change your Firefox appearance using this lovely theme

developer: Patrick J Dempsey
version: 2.3
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-03-15
downloads: 705
WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder 1.9

Firefox add-on that enables you to record, edit, store and upload web transactions.

developer: WebSitePulse Team
version: 1.9
license: BSD
updated: 2011-11-21
downloads: 705
Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu 2.3.2

A Firefox add-on that creates Unsorted Bookmark Folder to your Bookmark Menu

developer: White Alice0775
version: 2.3.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-05-18
downloads: 704
Downloads in Tab 1.0.0

Firefox add-on that opens Downloads manager in tabs from tools menu

developer: max1million
version: 1.0.0
license: GPL
updated: 2011-04-20
downloads: 701
Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus 0.42

Batch saving of images opened in tabs

developer: konbu
version: 0.42
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-26
downloads: 699
goo Green Label 2.0.2

An environmentally-friendly search engine

developer: NTT Resonant Inc
version: 2.0.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-09
downloads: 698
ImageHost Grabber

A Firefox add-on that lets you easily manage and share images

developer: Cybormatt
license: GPL
updated: 2011-11-10
downloads: 696
Movie Ratings 1.5.8

A great Firefox add-on that displays the rating of a movie

developer: Ronak Patel
version: 1.5.8
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-07-11
downloads: 696
Scroll Up Folder 4.2.4

A Firefox add-on that helps you go up a folder on any website

developer: Perfect Slayer TMSS
version: 4.2.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2012-01-18
downloads: 694
AutoClose Tabs 1.1

Firefox add-on that closes automatically the tabs that haven't beed used for a while.

developer: Florian Queze
version: 1.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-07-15
downloads: 691
Weather Watcher Live 1.0.17

A Firefox add-on that wants to become your personal, real-time weather station

developer: Mike Singer
version: 1.0.17
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-03-14
downloads: 689
Digg Toolbar 2.0.3

A Firefox add-on that allows you to check out the latest news on Digg

developer: Chris Howard
version: 2.0.3
license: BSD
updated: 2011-03-28
downloads: 687
TabGroups Manager 2011.11.28.1

A Firefox add-on that allows you to organize your tabs into groups

developer: Axel Shootingstar
version: 2011.11.28.1
license: Donationware
updated: 2011-12-04
downloads: 685
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