Boomerang alpha 0.3

Boomerang is a decompiler for native executables.

developer: Mike Van Emmerik
version: 0.3
license: GPL
updated: 2006-06-13
downloads: 8317
Jar Explorer jdk1.5-2.2.1

Jar Explorer project is a java Swing application inspired on Netbeans file browser.

developer: Marco
license: GPL
updated: 2007-05-11
downloads: 6690
Disassembler for linux 0.3.3

Disassembler for linux is a software that will try to provide a gui driven tool to disassemble...

developer: Danny van Elsen
version: 0.3.3
license: GPL
updated: 2006-09-29
downloads: 5220
The bastard disassembler 0.17

The bastard disassembler is a disassembler for linux/unix platforms.

developer: mammon_
version: 0.17
license: Artistic License
updated: 2005-01-27
downloads: 4289
vAVRdisasm 2.0

An AVR program disassembler.

developer: Vanya A. Sergeev
version: 2.0
license: GPL
updated: 2011-09-26
downloads: 3380
hexdump 1.7

A hex dumper that can handle EBCDIC

developer: Eric S. Raymond
version: 1.7
license: BSD License
updated: 2010-10-20
downloads: 2885
Linice 2.6

Linice is an x86 source-level kernel debugger.

developer: Goran Devic
version: 2.6
license: GPL
updated: 2005-07-29
downloads: 2558
Udis86 1.5

Udis86 is a binary file disassembler for x86/x86-64 with support for MMX, x87, 3Dnow! etc.

developer: Vivek Mohan Thampi
version: 1.5
license: GPL
updated: 2007-07-14
downloads: 2537
Perl x86 Disassembler 0.16

Perl x86 Disassembler is an Intel x86 disassembler written in Perl.

developer: mammon_
version: 0.16
license: Artistic License
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 2332
PyReverse 0.5.1

PyReverse is a python reverse engineering tools.

developer: ornicar
version: 0.5.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 2300
APKtool 1.3.1

Tool for reengineering Android apk files

developer: Brut.alll
version: 1.3.1
license: The Apache License 2.0
updated: 2010-07-27
downloads: 2232
Java Binary Enhancement Tool 3 R1

Java Binary Enhancement Tool is a Java assembler, dissassembler, and binary editor.

developer: Andrew Reisse
version: 3 R1
license: BSD License
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 2132
Decomp 0.0

Decomp is a sorta complete decompiler.

developer: Jonathan duSaint
version: 0.0
license: GPL
updated: 2006-04-14
downloads: 2111
revava 0.3

revava is a disassembler for Atmel AVR microcontroller firmware.

developer: Dan Winker
version: 0.3
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 1938
Interactive Decompiler 0.2

Interactive Decompiler decompiles by the successive application of low-level refactorings,...

developer: Jose Fonseca
version: 0.2
license: LGPL
updated: 2007-08-09
downloads: 1880
AsmDis 0.9.49

AsmDis is a disassembler for ELF executables (Linux executables).

developer: Jeff Owens
version: 0.9.49
license: GPL
updated: 2008-12-05
downloads: 1524
pts-elfdisasm 0.14

pts-elfdisasm is command-line ELF disassembler for the i386 architecture.

developer: Péter Szabó
version: 0.14
license: Other
updated: 2005-11-02
downloads: 1414
The Examiner 0.5

The Examiner is a forensic tool to disassemble binary executables.

developer: Macabre
version: 0.5
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 1371
dis6502 0.12

dis6502 is a flow-tracing 6502 disassembler.

developer: Eric Smith
version: 0.12
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 1329
K Executable Viewer 0.1

K Executable Viewer is a KDE executable viewer.

developer: Russell Miller
version: 0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 1313
Sourcery 0.1

Sourcery is a cross-platform disassembler with a GTK user interface.

developer: Dave Jones
version: 0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 1113
vPICdisasm 1.3

An PIC Mid-Range MCU family program disassembler

developer: Vanya A. Sergeev
version: 1.3
license: GPL
updated: 2011-04-05
downloads: 1056
IDA Pro 6.0.101130

An interactive, programmable, extendible, multi-processor disassembler

developer: Hex-Rays SA
version: 6.0.101130
license: Shareware
updated: 2011-01-21
downloads: 1056
Barista 1.4 / 2.0 Alpha 2

Barista is an Objective Caml library designed to load, construct, manipulate and save Java...

developer: Xavier Clerc
version: 1.4 / 2.0 Alpha 2
license: LGPL
updated: 2011-12-22
downloads: 1007
DSP5600x disassembly library 1.1

DSP5600x disassembly library is a code disassembly library for the Motorola DSP5600x.

developer: Miloslaw Smyk
version: 1.1
license: BSD License
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 954
jclassinfo 0.19.1

jclassinfo is an information extractor for Java bytecode.

developer: anarxia
version: 0.19.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-03-07
downloads: 838
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