Miscellaneous M list downloads.

memonames 1.0

Easily memorize the name of people

developer: Aleksandar Josifoski
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2011-09-13
downloads: 118
Music Lyrics Database 1.2.7

The Music Lyrics Database

developer: Oddity Software LLC
version: 1.2.7
license: Demo
updated: 2011-06-14
downloads: 329
Ministry Assistant

Church management software for churches with small groups

developer: ChurchAssist Technologies
license: Trial
updated: 2011-06-06
downloads: 1107
Multipoint TUIO

Easily test applications that use Multi-touch trackers.

developer: Dan Higham
license: LGPL
updated: 2011-07-29
downloads: 308
MTooler 1.1

A collection of useful tools in one tiny application.

developer: Benjamin Simpson
version: 1.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-18
downloads: 228
Model C1D0F424 X12 Viewer 1.18A-19

Software for viewing electronic claims data available today.

developer: Com1 Software Incorporated
version: 1.18A-19
license: Trial
updated: 2012-01-23
downloads: 2306
Model C1D0F431 X12 Utility 1.18A-19

The most cost effective, versatile, and easy to use software for viewing electronic claims...

developer: Com1 Software Incorporated
version: 1.18A-19
license: Trial
updated: 2012-01-23
downloads: 2306
MapConverter 2.1.1

Converts maps and unlock codes on your Windows PC to the Macintosh format

developer: Garmin Ltd
version: 2.1.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-11-21
downloads: 323
MyTourbook 10.11.0

MyTourbook can visualize and analyse the tour data which are recorded by a bike computer.

developer: Wolfgang Schramm
version: 10.11.0
license: GPL
updated: 2010-11-19
downloads: 918
Mileage Charts for Europe 3

European Mileage Charts for Excel 2007, including times and distances

developer: Winwaed Software Technology LLC
version: 3
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-11-18
downloads: 194
Manga Reader 20101112

Read manga with this tool.

developer: Joochul Park
version: 20101112
license: MIT License
updated: 2010-11-16
downloads: 556
MoBookPacker 3.0

Make your books viewable on mobile devices.

developer: Vedran Vidovic
version: 3.0
updated: 2010-10-28
downloads: 167

Create Quake maps fast and easy.

developer: Schokobecher
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-12-31
downloads: 250
Mantra Machine 1.0

Create a meditation atmosphere with this tool.

developer: Valerio Orlandini
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-12-23
downloads: 193

Small program to change instrument on a Roland MT-32 or CM-32L.

developer: Sverre H. Huseby
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-12-17
downloads: 118
Medical Equipment Supplier Database 1.0.1

Medical Equipment Supply Companies List

developer: Oddity Software LLC
version: 1.0.1
license: Demo
updated: 2011-09-07
downloads: 120

Search for files with this tool

developer: Mohamed Turki
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-08-29
downloads: 100
Maps Downloader

A program that helps you to download maps from Google maps.

developer: MapsDownloader.Info
license: Trial
updated: 2011-10-28
downloads: 112
MPXMain 1.2

Interactive access to the Online Model

developer: P.Chu
version: 1.2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-26
downloads: 64
MPS First Faults 2.0.0

Get data from the MPS service which logs MPS events

developer: Tom Pelaia
version: 2.0.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-26
downloads: 72
Matchmaker FileFormat Converter 1.0

Convert your Matchmaker files to CSV or XML in no time at all

developer: Silverstone Solution, Inc
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-26
downloads: 77
Media Database Builder 0.1 Beta

Move your iTunes data in no time at all

developer: Christopher Panici
version: 0.1 Beta
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-10-24
downloads: 100
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer Tools 2009/SP1/R2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV forms to pages with this application

developer: Microsoft
version: 2009/SP1/R2
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-07-06
downloads: 484
Metadata Extractor 3.5

The Metadata Extractor programmatically extracts preservation metadata from a wide range of...

developer: National Library of New Zealand
version: 3.5
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-06-16
downloads: 3267
Matt's GPA Calculator 3.1

A small and simple GPA calculator

developer: Matt Leirdahl
version: 3.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-06-04
downloads: 518
Mitec XML Viewer

A free program that allows you to view XML files in detail

developer: Mitec
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-05-28
downloads: 4360
MTF mapper 0.4.9 Beta

Generate MTF maps using this application

developer: Frans van den Bergh
version: 0.4.9 Beta
license: BSD License
updated: 2012-01-08
downloads: 357
Medical Tests Analyzer 1.02.8

The complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern managing of patient's medical lab...

developer: SmrtX
version: 1.02.8
license: Shareware
updated: 2012-01-07
downloads: 586
Md5deep 4.0.1

Compute and compare MD5 message digests

developer: Jesse Kornblum
version: 4.0.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2012-01-24
downloads: 2204
Movie Magic Screenwriter

Features a massive set of features designed to make the rewriting process fast and simple.

developer: Write Brothers Inc
license: Trial
updated: 2010-01-28
downloads: 14871
Matlab ABF file Reader 0.2.3

Open abf files with this tool.

developer: BigRyan
version: 0.2.3
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-01-18
downloads: 1348
MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0

Tri-platform tool designed specifically to help combat crimes against children

developer: SubRosaSoft.com Inc.
version: 1.0
license: Trial
updated: 2010-12-12
downloads: 129
Minecraft Topographical Survey 1.2.3963.27396

Render over 10 times faster than Cartographer

developer: Dave Kellaway
version: 1.2.3963.27396
updated: 2010-11-28
downloads: 1870
MAME 0.144b

Arcade Machine Emulator that recognizes over six thousand game ROM sets

developer: The MAME Team
version: 0.144b
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-15
downloads: 26251
Mayan Calendar 1.0

View the Mayan calendar with this program.

developer: Time Travel Inc
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-08-13
downloads: 629
Metropolis 0.3 a1

View TRANSIMS output with the help of this tool.

developer: Matthew Hall
version: 0.3 a1
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-07-16
downloads: 759
MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth

Complete your album artwork collection with the highest quality album covers.

developer: MuvEnum
license: Demo
updated: 2011-05-04
downloads: 403
Mexico Postal Code Database (Basic Edition) May 2011

Mexican Postal Codes Database Subscription in text, Excel and Access

developer: Hexa Software Development Center
version: May 2011
license: Demo
updated: 2011-04-30
downloads: 3473
MSAC Desktop Widget 1.0

MSAC timetables that can be viewed from your desktop.

developer: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-04-30
downloads: 232
Manitoba Canada White Pages Database 1.0.1

The Manitoba Residents Locations List

developer: Oddity Software LLC
version: 1.0.1
license: Demo
updated: 2011-04-26
downloads: 162
Mule EbMS Adapter 1.1.1

Handy adapter for Mule ESB

developer: Edwin Luinstra
version: 1.1.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-03
downloads: 73
MP3 Quiz

Music Quiz that uses your own MP3 collection

developer: Canopus-Ware
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-01
downloads: 2143
Monroe Squirrel Traffic Report 1.0

A real-time traffic AIR app that displays travel conditions and maps by ZIP code

developer: Monroe Shocks & Struts
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-11-15
downloads: 500
MyRx 1.2.7

A prescriptions manager.

developer: Jamal Bullock
version: 1.2.7
license: GPL
updated: 2009-11-13
downloads: 610
Musawwir Word Tool 1.0

Utility to solve crossword, angram and search matching words for poems

developer: Rabiul Hassan Khan
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-11-10
downloads: 445
MediaShout 4.4 Build 131

A powerful worship and media presentation software

developer: MediaComplete Corporation
version: 4.4 Build 131
license: Trial
updated: 2009-11-05
downloads: 930
Muhurta Explorer 1.80

Indian Vedic Electional Astrology Software -The right time to do the right thing

developer: Publicsoft India
version: 1.80
license: Trial
updated: 2009-06-26
downloads: 6278
MapSphere 0.97 Beta build 161

Satellite images, GPS position exchange, maps, all the necessary tools for a successful trip.

developer: MapSphere
version: 0.97 Beta build 161
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-06-26
downloads: 2541
MemImager 1.0

Performs a memory dump using NtSystemDebugControl

developer: Arne Vidstrom
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-06-24
downloads: 431
Milvus Trekking Planner 0.1

A program to help you organize your trekking.

developer: Giovanni Santostefano
version: 0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2009-06-18
downloads: 461
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