Encrypting S list downloads.

Smart TPM B9.1012.1

TPM via Bluetooth cellphone and USB Drive

version: B9.1012.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-29
downloads: 281
SteganoImage 1.0 Beta

Encrypt message into pictures

developer: Vasilev Artem
version: 1.0 Beta
license: GPL
updated: 2011-06-23
downloads: 217
SecDisk 3.0

A powerful disk encryption tool to protect you private data.

developer: secdisk.com
version: 3.0
license: Shareware
updated: 2011-06-20
downloads: 173
Scrambled Egg 0.4

Encrypt your message with ease

developer: prahaai
version: 0.4
license: GPL
updated: 2011-06-20
downloads: 1724
Secure IT

Secure IT 448 Bit File Folder Encryption Software, Secure Shredder, Secure Email

developer: Cypherix
license: Trial
updated: 2011-06-16
downloads: 2333
Sheet Encryptor 1.0

Encryption for Excel files

developer: David L. Newton
version: 1.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-06-15
downloads: 281
Super Code

Keep your conversations private

developer: SQIANG
license: Shareware
updated: 2011-06-15
downloads: 545
SecuringFolders 2.20

Secure and protect your folders in a few steps.

developer: Sławomir Łaptos
version: 2.20
updated: 2012-01-28
downloads: 602
Safetica Free 4.0.4

Easily protect your photographs, documents and passwords.

developer: Computer Security Technologies Ltd.
version: 4.0.4
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-12-22
downloads: 2635
StarWind Encrypted Disk 5.5

Extremely-Strong AES256 Encrypted Virtual Hard Disk

developer: StarWind Software Inc.
version: 5.5
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-07-05
downloads: 410
SerCrypt Alpha

It's ideal for carrying your passwords and private text with you

developer: Sinan Ussakli
version: Alpha
updated: 2010-07-01
downloads: 319

Store your information in a secure location

developer: SBSH Mobile Software LTD
license: Trial
updated: 2011-11-25
downloads: 483
SteadyCrypt 2.4

File and folder encryption on the go

developer: Marvin Hoffmann & Jörg Harr
version: 2.4
license: GPL
updated: 2011-11-24
downloads: 577
Simple Text Encryptor 0.13

Encrypt your texts with ease

developer: Gator Bytes Media
version: 0.13
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-15
downloads: 243
SafeTok 3.4.2

AES 256 encryption for internal HDDs and external storage media.

developer: Styskin's Solutions Limited
version: 3.4.2
license: Trial
updated: 2011-11-11
downloads: 116
StegoStick 1.0

A steganographic program to help you.

developer: P.V. Uma Mahesh
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2009-06-20
downloads: 670
Skiffer 1.05

A simple application that is used to encrypt information, primarily to be sent as email.

developer: Vallby InformationsSystem AB
version: 1.05
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-06-19
downloads: 447
SmarThumb my.invisible

Hide your files from prying eyes

developer: SmarThumb
license: Trial
updated: 2009-05-19
downloads: 422
SecuKEEPER 2.93

All-in-one encryption protect software, which designing four protection method( hide/lock/encrypt/private...

developer: Cui Rui
version: 2.93
license: Trial
updated: 2009-02-18
downloads: 1933
Signed Sealed & Delivered 2.0.0

Exchange data over the web using secure data transfer in AES encryptred vault file.

developer: micro-media
version: 2.0.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-01-09
downloads: 1141

A useful tool for protecting your pesonal texts

developer: Arne Croughs
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-01-04
downloads: 1826
Secure Text 1.6

This software utility is an easy-to-use encryption program.

developer: Sadegh Mosavi
version: 1.6
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-12-13
downloads: 1116
SQL Encryption Assistant

A SQL Server add-in to manages asymmetric keys, symmetric keys and certificates

developer: Devenius Inc
license: Demo
updated: 2009-09-08
downloads: 481
SerpentCryp 07.10

An easy to use encryption software that uses the Serpent cipher

developer: Carles Iglesias
version: 07.10
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-09-07
downloads: 472
Shceffatan Encryptorizer 7.35

A simple encryption application that can protect privacy and files

developer: StanleyHero
version: 7.35
license: Shareware
updated: 2009-09-04
downloads: 639

Organize and secure any type of sensitive information you have

developer: Candy Labs
license: Shareware
updated: 2010-03-31
downloads: 667
SteganographX Plus 2.0

Hide a text inside a bitmap image

developer: LeeLu Soft
version: 2.0
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-03-30
downloads: 2646
shacrypt 1.2.2

Encrypt files securely using the SHA1 hash function as a cipher.

developer: Ben L. (Nightgunner5)
version: 1.2.2
license: GPL
updated: 2010-03-22
downloads: 806
Secure Enough 0.1.0

Encrypt your texts fast and easy.

developer: John Cheng
version: 0.1.0
license: MIT License
updated: 2010-03-15
downloads: 360
SSL Audit Alpha

Scans web servers for SSL support

developer: Thierry Zoller
version: Alpha
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-03-08
downloads: 428
Shadow Crypt 0.3

Secure your data with this tool.

developer: Ghola2
version: 0.3
license: GPL
updated: 2009-08-22
downloads: 351
SpiralCrypt 0.10.2

An easy to use encryption application.

developer: Kevin P. Barry
version: 0.10.2
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-27
downloads: 447

Encrypt information with this tool.

developer: Chris randomuser13
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-26
downloads: 460
SHA PadLock 0.01 Alpha

Compute SHA-1 checksums with this tool.

developer: Broheim
version: 0.01 Alpha
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-10-20
downloads: 349
SWF Encrypt 6.0.1

Encrypts your Adobe Flash SWF files

developer: Amayeta
version: 6.0.1
license: Trial
updated: 2009-10-20
downloads: 4426
Safe'n'Sec Personal

Security suite to protect your data against new threats and vulnerabilities

developer: SafenSoft
license: Trial
updated: 2009-10-19
downloads: 2502
SimpLite for MSN 2.2.19

Secures the IM of your choice by encrypting and authenticating messages

developer: Secway
version: 2.2.19
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-10-07
downloads: 11696
Silver Key 3.83

An aplication that creates self-extracting encrypted files for sending over the Internet

developer: Inv Softworks
version: 3.83
license: Trial
updated: 2010-10-05
downloads: 3244
SFX Creator 1.8

A high performance AES / Blowfish / RC6 SFX-Crypter

developer: Dirk Paehl
version: 1.8
license: Freeware
updated: 2010-09-24
downloads: 3059
SaltyFiles 0.2

Encrypt and decrypt files in a few steps

developer: Thomas Mueller
version: 0.2
license: GPL
updated: 2010-09-24
downloads: 174
SmartLock_B 4.771

Program that works with most recent variants of AutoCAD

developer: Summercad
version: 4.771
license: Trial
updated: 2010-12-26
downloads: 1472
SafeHouse Professional Edition 3.06.090

Transparent on-the-fly hard drive encryption for your PC

developer: PC Dynamics Inc
version: 3.06.090
license: Trial
updated: 2009-12-08
downloads: 2884
SafeHouse Personal Edition 3.06.090

Protects, hides and encrypts your sensitive documents and folders

developer: PC Dynamics Inc
version: 3.06.090
license: Trial
updated: 2009-12-08
downloads: 1142

Multiple layer file encryption / decryption utility

developer: Mahoning Valley Software
license: Trial
updated: 2009-11-29
downloads: 551
SolidLicense 1.2.8

This application is a software based license protection system

developer: Andreas Breitschopp
version: 1.2.8
license: Demo
updated: 2009-11-26
downloads: 773

developer: m.alzantot
license: LGPL
updated: 2009-11-11
downloads: 934
Secret Image Transformation

An encryption system that will help you secure your data.

developer: Pavan Kumar
license: GPL
updated: 2009-11-02
downloads: 385
Secure Disk 2.23

Protect your private data by encryptiong them with Secure Disk.

developer: Real International Business Co
version: 2.23
license: Trial
updated: 2009-11-02
downloads: 1260
Secure Folder 1.0b

Keeps important files encrypted, yet providing user friendly access

developer: Marin Todorov
version: 1.0b
license: Freeware
updated: 2009-11-01
downloads: 1999
Secret Notes 1.0.1

Will keep your ideas private and safe

developer: Softorino
version: 1.0.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2011-11-05
downloads: 306
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