Firefox Extensions C list downloads.

CookieSwap 0.5.284

Enables you to maintain numerous sets or profiles of cookies that you can quickly.

developer: Steve Tine
version: 0.5.284
license: MPL
updated: 2011-10-28
downloads: 486
Ctrl-Z 1.rev106

Tired of accidentally closing tabs?

developer: Daniel-Mozilla
version: 1.rev106
license: CWV
updated: 2011-10-27
downloads: 48
Configuration Mania 1.15.2012012201

Configuration Mania is an extension which provides more advanced (hidden) configures & Chrome...

developer: Popoki Tom
version: 1.15.2012012201
license: MPL
updated: 2012-01-23
downloads: 1231
Check for Updates in Help Menu 1.1

Adds a 'Check for Updates' entry to the Help menu

developer: Dagger
version: 1.1
license: MPL
updated: 2011-12-19
downloads: 54
Cashback Automator 1.82

A small Firefox browser tool that helps you get online cash back more efficiently

developer: CashbackAutomator
version: 1.82
license: MPL
updated: 2011-09-19
downloads: 148

Full-Screen, 3D image browser

developer: The Cooliris Team
license: Other
updated: 2011-09-19
downloads: 1126
CookieKiller 1.0.12

Allows quick removal of cookies for selected sites/domains

developer: Joseph Moran
version: 1.0.12
license: GPL v3
updated: 2011-09-14
downloads: 368
CuteButtons - Crystal SVG for Firefox 0.3.1

Crystal SVG for Firefox 0.3.1 for Linux - Adds icons to buttons and some menuitems

developer: ChoGGi
version: 0.3.1
license: MPL
updated: 2011-12-27
downloads: 427
Clipple 0.1.1

Provides extended clipboard system to Firefox

developer: mooz
version: 0.1.1
license: MIT
updated: 2011-09-07
downloads: 229
Check4Change 1.9.3

Allows you to periodically check a web-page for updates

developer: Ronen Zilberman
version: 1.9.3
license: MPL
updated: 2011-11-24
downloads: 873
CATS Toolbar 1.7.5

Allows you to import candidates, contacts, resumes, jobs and companies

developer: CATS Software, Inc.
version: 1.7.5
license: Other
updated: 2011-11-23
downloads: 43
Converter 1.1.1

A contextual unit and timezone conversion.

developer: Bogdan Stancescu
version: 1.1.1
license: Other
updated: 2011-10-12
downloads: 1641
Classicish Add-on Manager 0.8.1

A restyling of the Add-on Manager to a more native appearance

developer: Dagger
version: 0.8.1
license: GPL
updated: 2011-10-12
downloads: 59
Copy URL 1.1.2

An extension which adds an entry to the popup menu

developer: easai
version: 1.1.2
license: MPL
updated: 2011-10-11
downloads: 355
CyberSearch 2.3.8

Google Search capabilities to the Firefox 3 address bar.

developer: CyberNet News
version: 2.3.8
license: MPL
updated: 2012-01-03
downloads: 497
Copy ShortURL 1.4.2

Adds a right-click menu "Copy Short URL" on every page

developer: fwenzel
version: 1.4.2
license: Other
updated: 2011-10-10
downloads: 201
Cookie Monster 2.1

Deletes all your cookies in a simple click of a button!

developer: Joshua Ferrara
version: 2.1
license: Other
updated: 2011-05-19
downloads: 138
Close All Tabs (Reloaded) 2.2.2

A toolbar button to close all open tabs

developer: Michael Grafl
version: 2.2.2
license: MPL
updated: 2011-05-03
downloads: 106
CS Lite

A Firefox extension that will allow you to easily control cookie permissions.

developer: Ron Beckman
license: GPL
updated: 2011-08-19
downloads: 559
Cookie Manager Button

A built-in cookie manager for Firefox

developer: Trinh Nguyen
license: MPL
updated: 2011-03-23
downloads: 481
Calorie Count Toolbar 1.3.4

Easily search for calories and nutrition information, keep track of your daily caloric intake

developer: Erik Fantasia
version: 1.3.4
license: Other
updated: 2011-03-23
downloads: 310
Context Style Switcher 1.1.3

Allows you to change Page Style via context menu.

developer: kyo
version: 1.1.3
license: MPL
updated: 2011-03-30
downloads: 408
Cite This! 0.20

Use this extension to generate AMA, APA, and custom -style citations for the websites you visit

developer: JamieLy
version: 0.20
license: Other
updated: 2011-04-14
downloads: 296
CheckIt 1.1.2

Allows to compare a file checksum with a selected checksum from a website

developer: lovinglinux
version: 1.1.2
license: GPL v3
updated: 2011-04-14
downloads: 278
CookieSafe 3.1 Alpha 5

A Firefox extension that allows you to easily control cookie permissions.

developer: Ron Beckman
version: 3.1 Alpha 5
license: MPL
updated: 2011-07-08
downloads: 420
CNRI Handle Extension for Firefox 2.3.3

Enables the browser to access handle URIs like hdl:4263537/4000 or doi:10.1000/1 using the...

developer: Robert Tupelo-Schneck
version: 2.3.3
license: MPL
updated: 2011-07-01
downloads: 287
ComicUpdater 0.7

Adds a button that replaces the bookmark location that shares the most characters with the...

developer: Ian
version: 0.7
license: Other
updated: 2011-03-27
downloads: 109
Cisco Support Community Toolbar 1.01

Allowa you to search for content on Cisco Support Community as well as on

developer: Joe Marcus Clarke
version: 1.01
license: Other
updated: 2011-03-24
downloads: 85
Color That Site! 0.13

Easily change the colours of any web site you visit

developer: Michael Donning
version: 0.13
license: Other
updated: 2011-03-24
downloads: 200
ChartLet 1.4.1

ChartLet is an extension which periodically checks places on the Web, extract and stores numerical...

developer: Michel Gutierrez
version: 1.4.1
license: MPL
updated: 2011-03-14
downloads: 397
Clip it! 0.58

The easiest way to save money shopping online!

developer: DudeGotta
version: 0.58
license: MPL
updated: 2011-02-17
downloads: 151
Context History 0.5.5

Formerly named Tab Session History

developer: Zulkarnain K.
version: 0.5.5
license: MPL
updated: 2011-06-29
downloads: 65
Close Tab by Double Click 1.14

Close active tab by double-clicking it

developer: Pavel Vlasov
version: 1.14
license: MPL
updated: 2011-06-29
downloads: 415
Cleanzer 0.987

The only sure way to stop spam in its tracks - never give your email address away again!

developer: Clean Ventures Ltd
version: 0.987
license: Other
updated: 2011-06-29
downloads: 154
CoLT 2.5.5

Makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink's associated text.

developer: Jonah Bishop
version: 2.5.5
license: MPL
updated: 2012-01-09
downloads: 668
Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons is a Firefox extension that gives a possibility to create custom toolbarbuttons.

developer: Yan
license: MPL
updated: 2011-06-29
downloads: 817
Close Button Deuce 0.4.0

Adds a Close Tab button to the toolbar

developer: Yansky
version: 0.4.0
license: LGPL v2
updated: 2011-03-01
downloads: 113
Chichi Girls Toolbar 0.1 Beta

Allows users to browse photos and videos, as well as search photos, albums, videos, and blogs...

developer: Gregory Rzeczko
version: 0.1 Beta
license: Other
updated: 2011-02-28
downloads: 89
Coupon Digger 1.9

Never miss an opportunity to save money

developer: ma3r
version: 1.9
license: MPL
updated: 2011-02-24
downloads: 101
Character Identifier 0.1.4

Adds a context menu item for selected text that provides more information

developer: L. David Baron
version: 0.1.4
license: MPL
updated: 2011-02-22
downloads: 163
Customize Your Web Build 201102090000

Let's you customize your favorite websites with just a few clicks

developer: Rudolf Noe
version: Build 201102090000
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-02-17
downloads: 440
Cache View 1.8

Displays Google's Cache, Coral's Cache, Wayback Machine's Cache and more

developer: Steve Janovitz
version: 1.8
license: MPL
updated: 2010-11-26
downloads: 793
Charset Switcher 4.0.20101120

Supports to customize the Default Character Encoding for each sites

developer: yuoo2k
version: 4.0.20101120
license: MPL
updated: 2010-11-22
downloads: 400
Clean the junk 2.0

Removes banners and other junk from the opened tabs

developer: Maxim Vasilets
version: 2.0
license: Other
updated: 2010-12-15
downloads: 277
Conduit 2.0

Like the "Chrome to Phone" app for Android this Addon sends text, links, images and,...

developer: lictor
version: 2.0
license: Other
updated: 2010-12-10
downloads: 186
Color toggle 0.13

Toggles colors between two color profiles

developer: Nathan Baker
version: 0.13
license: MPL
updated: 2011-06-08
downloads: 395
Cookie Monster 1.1

Allows for easier managing of what sites a user allows to set cookies.

developer: Tony Schilling
version: 1.1
license: MPL
updated: 2011-01-14
downloads: 658
Cache Status 0.7.10

Displays cache status and allows easy management from status bar.

developer: Jason Purdy
version: 0.7.10
license: MPL
updated: 2011-04-06
downloads: 474
CSS Reloader 1.0.5

Allows you to reload all the CSS of any site without you have to reload the page itself

developer: Auchenberg
version: 1.0.5
license: MPL
updated: 2011-03-29
downloads: 208
CloseTab 1.2.1

Adds to right-click menu 2 items allowing to close current tab and open a new one

developer: alukard12
version: 1.2.1
license: MPL
updated: 2011-03-28
downloads: 115
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