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phptelemeter 1.35 / 1.36 Beta 1

phptelemeter is a script that can read the webpages for the webbased 'quota' monitor for the...

developer: Jan De Luyck
version: 1.35 / 1.36 Beta 1
license: GPL
updated: 2010-07-19
downloads: 436
Page Watcher 1.0.1

Perl-based program that watches web pages and reports changes.

developer: Paul Lemmons
version: 1.0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2008-09-13
downloads: 252
PHD Help Desk 2.05

PHD Help Desk provides help desk registry and follow-up software.

developer: J. Tuozzo
version: 2.05
license: GPL
updated: 2010-08-05
downloads: 748
PCChess 0.10

Joomla PCChess Component for Joomla 1.5

developer: Hartmut Eilers
version: 0.10
license: GPL
updated: 2010-08-01
downloads: 168
PresbyterySite 0.1.1

PresbyterySite is software for running a presbytery Web site.

developer: Nathan Bunney and Tim Black
version: 0.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2008-05-06
downloads: 286
pyramid_viewgroup 0.4

An analogue of Zope 3 "content providers" for Pyramid

developer: Chris McDonough
version: 0.4
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-07-24
downloads: 113
Poll and Voting Script 2.1.0

Poll and Voting Script provides votes and polls on your website.

developer: GentleSource
version: 2.1.0
license: Free for non-commerc...
updated: 2010-03-09
downloads: 625
psx cms 0.1.9 Beta

A social content managment system

developer: k42b3
version: 0.1.9 Beta
license: GPL v3
updated: 2010-04-01
downloads: 273
pyBit 2.2.0

URL shortening tool

developer: Vladimir Kolev
version: 2.2.0
license: GPL v3
updated: 2010-03-24
downloads: 332
PHPulse 4.0.121

PHPulse is the FASTEST PHP based MVC framework in the world!

developer: Owen Rubel
version: 4.0.121
license: GPL
updated: 2009-07-09
downloads: 607
PHP AJAX File Manager 1.0

PHP AJAX File Manager

developer: MMJ
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2008-12-25
downloads: 862
php:Days 1.0 / 1.1 Beta 4

A PHP framework

developer: Anton Danilchenko
version: 1.0 / 1.1 Beta 4
license: MIT
updated: 2009-12-07
downloads: 335
pulpTunes 1.1.0 / 1.2 Beta

A web server for the iTunes desktop application that lets you access your music through the...

developer: Alejandro Pedraza
version: 1.1.0 / 1.2 Beta
license: GPL
updated: 2009-11-27
downloads: 496
phpSANE 0.5.1

A web-based frontend for SANE written in HTML/PHP so you can scan with your web-browser

developer: David Froehlich
version: 0.5.1
license: GPL
updated: 2010-04-09
downloads: 714
PhpWebGallery 1.7.3 / 2.0.0 RC4

PhpWebGallery is an image gallery with a very simple installation interface and administration...

developer: Pierrick LE GALL
version: 1.7.3 / 2.0.0 RC4
license: Freely Distributable
updated: 2008-11-16
downloads: 1024
PyHP 1.0.0 Beta

PyHP is a Python hypertext preprocessor.

developer: OS3 s.r.l.
version: 1.0.0 Beta
license: GPL
updated: 2008-11-04
downloads: 525
Proxifier 1.9.0 Beta

An easy to install three tier web proxy written in PHP

developer: Brad Cable
version: 1.9.0 Beta
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-05-13
downloads: 7097
phpBB Rivals 1.14.2

phpBB Rivals is a free open source alternative to overpriced gaming scripts.

developer: Kyle N. King
version: 1.14.2
license: GPL
updated: 2009-04-06
downloads: 1478
PHP ImageMagick Class 1.0

PHP ImageMagick Class is a class for processing images with ImageMagick.

developer: Daniel Eiland
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2006-07-15
downloads: 2817
plone.recipe.haproxy 1.1.2

Buildout recipe to install haproxy

developer: Helge Tesdal
version: 1.1.2
license: ZPL
updated: 2012-01-28
downloads: 109
Palm webOS SDK 1.4

The Palm webOS Software Development Kit

developer: Palm, Inc.
version: 1.4
license: Other
updated: 2010-03-02
downloads: 442
pyWebcheck 0.2.1

A tool for checking updates in a server

developer: Enrico Trotta
version: 0.2.1
license: GPL v3
updated: 2010-02-22
downloads: 194
Phpns 2.2.5

Phpns is a free, open-source PHP News System

developer: Alec Henriksen
version: 2.2.5
license: GPL
updated: 2010-08-24
downloads: 1000
p01.releaser 0.5.4

Release helper script which offers a simple release process

developer: Roger Ineichen, Projekt01 GmbH
version: 0.5.4
license: ZPL
updated: 2011-08-29
downloads: 51
Piwik 1.5.1

An open source web analytics software

developer: Piwik Team
version: 1.5.1
license: GPL
updated: 2011-08-26
downloads: 794
pyramid_tm 0.3

A package which allows Pyramid requests to join the active transaction

developer: Rocky Burt
version: 0.3
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-09-28
downloads: 108
PH-Highlight 0.7.5

JavaScript for pretty source code display, like color-coding and expand/collapse functionality

developer: Marco Schulze
version: 0.7.5
license: GPL v3
updated: 2009-09-17
downloads: 170
PolarBlog 1.11.1

An easily configurable embedded Weblog system that functions with PHP's register_globals off...

developer: PolarLava
version: 1.11.1
license: GPL
updated: 2009-09-13
downloads: 625
PHP Directory Listing 0.3.4

A simple PHP script that will do just that, list a directory

developer: Raphael J. Schmid
version: 0.3.4
license: GPL
updated: 2009-09-01
downloads: 702
pyblosxom 1.5.2

A weblog engine that uses standard text files located on your filesystem as a database of weblog...

developer: Ted Leung
version: 1.5.2
license: MIT
updated: 2012-01-04
downloads: 333
Patu Digua 0.2

A web obfuscator and compressor

developer: Adrian Ber
version: 0.2
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-05
downloads: 220
PXAServer 1.0.0

PXAServer is a framework for developing Web applications.

developer: Guerrieri Luca
version: 1.0.0
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-02
downloads: 320
phpdocr 0.1.1

A simple ruby program to look up PHP documentation on from the command-line

developer: Eskild Hustvedt
version: 0.1.1
license: GPL v3
updated: 2009-09-29
downloads: 164
pyramid_formalchemy 0.4.3

FormAlchemy plugins and helpers for Pyramid

developer: Gael Pasgrimaud
version: 0.4.3
license: Other
updated: 2011-12-28
downloads: 118
plone.i18n 1.0.8

Advanced i18n/l10n features

developer: Plone Team
version: 1.0.8
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-16
downloads: 165
Para::Frame 1.05

A system to use for dynamic web sites.

developer: Jonas Liljegren
version: 1.05
license: Perl Artistic License
updated: 2009-03-08
downloads: 363
pyramid_simpleform 0.6

Simple form utilities for using Pyramid with Formencode and webhelpers

developer: Dan Jacob
version: 0.6
license: Other
updated: 2011-02-25
downloads: 156
PhpZip 2.8

A PHP application that can manage compressed archives

developer: Vincent Blavet
version: 2.8
license: GPL
updated: 2009-04-30
downloads: 265
Pylons 1.0 / 1.0.1 RC1

Pylons Web Framework

developer: Ben Bangert, Philip Jenvey, James Gardner
version: 1.0 / 1.0.1 RC1
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-12-15
downloads: 579
peewee 0.8.0

A little ORM

developer: Charles Leifer
version: 0.8.0
license: MIT
updated: 2012-01-10
downloads: 208
pyramid_multiauth 0.1.1

Stacked authentication policies for pyramid

developer: Mozilla Services Team
version: 0.1.1
license: Other
updated: 2011-12-21
downloads: 33
pyramid_ipauth 0.1.0

An authentication policy for Pyramid that sets identity and effective principals based on the...

developer: Mozilla Services Team
version: 0.1.0
license: Other
updated: 2011-11-13
downloads: 27
panya-music 0.0.7

Panya music app

developer: Praekelt Foundation
version: 0.0.7
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-09-20
downloads: 94
pyhame 0.8.4

Static website creator with Markdown syntax

developer: Socketubs
version: 0.8.4
license: AGPL v3
updated: 2012-01-19
downloads: 29
pybrowscap 1.1

Detects browsers capabilities and features like CSS, Java, JavaScript etc

developer: Vladimír Gorej
version: 1.1
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-10-11
downloads: 46
Philo 0.9.1

A foundation for developing web content management systems

developer: iThink Software
version: 0.9.1
license: ISC License
updated: 2011-10-11
downloads: 69
proton 0.5

Proton Template Engine

developer: Jason R Briggs
version: 0.5
license: LGPL
updated: 2011-10-10
downloads: 24
pyramid_haml 0.1.2

HAML support for pyramid

developer: Daniel Schafer
version: 0.1.2
license: BSD License
updated: 2011-12-08
downloads: 31
pystynamic 0.12

Python static website generator

developer: Mark Hildreth
version: 0.12
license: Other
updated: 2011-08-06
downloads: 74
pypeton 0.5.0

Tool to start Django and Bongo projects

developer: RED Interactive Agency
version: 0.5.0
license: MIT
updated: 2011-08-06
downloads: 43
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