Graphics K list downloads.

Kipi 1.9.0

Kipi is an effort to develop a common plug in structure for digiKam, KimDaBa, Showimg, and...

developer: Kipi Team
version: 1.9.0
license: GPL
updated: 2011-03-03
downloads: 1665
Konstruktor 0.9.0 Beta 1

Virtual LEGO CAD

developer: Joon-Kyu Park
version: 0.9.0 Beta 1
license: GPL
updated: 2011-02-08
downloads: 209
Kamoso 1.0.5

Webcam recorder and screen capture tool

developer: Aleix Pol
version: 1.0.5
license: GPL
updated: 2009-10-25
downloads: 1481
Kobldes 0.59-2a

POV-Ray system of macros for supporting residential building information modeling

developer: Kene Meniru
version: 0.59-2a
license: GPL
updated: 2010-10-11
downloads: 230

KXStitch can be used to create cross stitch patterns.

developer: Stephen Allewell
license: GPL
updated: 2010-08-06
downloads: 1749
Kgraphviewer 2.1.1

A Graphviz dot graph file viewer for KDE.

developer: Gael de Chalendar
version: 2.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2010-11-15
downloads: 1275
KtikZ 0.10

An application that can help you to create TikZ diagrams for your publications

developer: deadman66
version: 0.10
license: GPL
updated: 2010-10-14
downloads: 1737

A 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system

developer: Romain
license: GPL
updated: 2010-04-21
downloads: 1439
KPresenter 2.1.0

A presentation application

developer: KOffice Team
version: 2.1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2009-12-08
downloads: 2619
Kim (Kde Image Menu) KDE4 0.9.5

A KDE4 service menu which allows to resize, convert, rotate your images without to use a graphical...

developer: Charles Bouveyron
version: 0.9.5
license: GPL
updated: 2009-02-24
downloads: 578
Kludge3d 2004-08-22

Kludge3d is a simple 3D editor, in the spirit of Worldcraft or Milkshape.

developer: Andrew Sampson
version: 2004-08-22
license: GPL
updated: 2008-03-01
downloads: 446
KGrab 0.1.1

KGrab is a fork of KSnapshot.

developer: Marcus Hufgard
version: 0.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2008-01-24
downloads: 1304
KoffeePhoto 2.5

KoffeePhoto is a free software that allows you to manage your personal photo library.

developer: KoffeeWare
version: 2.5
license: Freeware
updated: 2007-10-21
downloads: 629
Kim (Kde Image Menu) 0.9.5

Kim is a kde service menu which allows to resize, convert, rotate your images without to use...

developer: Charles Bouveyron
version: 0.9.5
license: GPL
updated: 2007-12-27
downloads: 2054
KScannerButtons 0.9.5

KScannerButtons is a daemon plus a KDE application for monitoring your scanner buttons.

developer: Jean-Christophe Cardot
version: 0.9.5
license: GPL
updated: 2007-05-29
downloads: 430
Knitting Pattern Generator 0.3

Knitting Pattern Generator is a Python script to convert image files (PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.)...

developer: Chris Clark
version: 0.3
license: GPL
updated: 2007-04-26
downloads: 5114

KeyJnoteGUI is a KDE front end to the eye-candy presentation program KeyJnote by Martin Fiedler.

developer: Sebastian Wiesner
license: GPL
updated: 2007-04-13
downloads: 772
Kitty Hooch Photo Manager 0.3

Kitty Hooch Photo Manager can process photos where you need to copy, resize, create a thumbnail...

developer: Kittyhooch LLC
version: 0.3
license: GPL
updated: 2006-09-12
downloads: 612
KToon 0.8

KToon is a 2D Animation Toolkit designed by animators (Toonka Films ) for animators, focused...

developer: KToon Team
version: 0.8
license: GPL
updated: 2006-08-25
downloads: 5247
KPhotoBook 0.0.7

KPhotoBook is an easy to use, intuitive and fast application to manage and organize your photos.

developer: Michael Christen
version: 0.0.7
license: GPL
updated: 2005-09-30
downloads: 476

KIO-POV is a KDE IO-Slave for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray).

developer: Christoph Hormann
version: 0.2
license: BSD License
updated: 2005-09-14
downloads: 395
KIconEdit 3.5.4

KIconEdit or KDE Icon Editor is a small graphics drawing program especially for creating icons...

developer: KIconEdit Team
version: 3.5.4
license: GPL
updated: 2006-08-09
downloads: 2269
KGliv 0.7

KGliv is a simple Image viewer on top of OpenGL.

developer: thomas12777
version: 0.7
license: GPL
updated: 2006-07-29
downloads: 427
KImageMapEditor 1.0.1

KImageMapEditor is a tool for Linux/KDE that allows you to edit image maps of HTML files.

developer: Joerg Jaspert and Jan Schafer
version: 1.0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2006-07-21
downloads: 1012
Kandid 1.0.0

Kandid lets you evolve graphics using genetic algorithms.

developer: blind-zone
version: 1.0.0
license: GPL
updated: 2005-05-04
downloads: 489
Kavlon Coloring Book 0.13

Kavlon Coloring Book project is a classic coloring book.

developer: Michael McGlothlin
version: 0.13
license: GPL
updated: 2006-10-12
downloads: 982
Krita 1.6.3

Krita is the KOffice paint and image editor application.

developer: Krita Team
version: 1.6.3
license: GPL
updated: 2006-12-05
downloads: 12611
KChart 1.6.1

KChart is the KOffice chart drawing application.

developer: The KOffice Project
version: 1.6.1
license: GPL
updated: 2006-12-04
downloads: 1344
Kallery 1.2.0

Kallery is a highly configurable image gallery generator.

developer: Andras Mantia
version: 1.2.0
license: GPL
updated: 2006-11-28
downloads: 465
Kscan2pdf 0.1.1

Kscan2pdf project is a simple GUI interface for KDE / Kommander to quickly and easily scan...

developer: Kscan2pdf Team
version: 0.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2006-11-17
downloads: 1179
Krita-plugins 1.6-3

Krita-plugins is a set of plugins for Krita 1.5, they will be shipped with the 1.6 release...

developer: the Krita Team
version: 1.6-3
license: GPL
updated: 2007-12-11
downloads: 647
KSquirrel 0.8.0

KSquirrel is a new image viewer, simple and convenient in usage.

developer: Dmitry Baryshev
version: 0.8.0
license: GPL
updated: 2007-12-09
downloads: 1131
KAD 0.8.2

KAD is a complete 2D CAD system based on QCad by ribbonsoft.

developer: Martin Teichmann
version: 0.8.2
license: GPL
updated: 2007-11-16
downloads: 3099
kGpsImageTag 0.1

kGpsImageTag reads gps data from a text file and correlates it with the photos in the same...

developer: Alexios Beveratos
version: 0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2006-09-18
downloads: 310

K3D is a very easy to use 3D modling program.

developer: K3D Team
license: GPL
updated: 2006-03-10
downloads: 848
Kabeja 0.4

Kabeja is a Java library for parsing, processing and converting Autodesk's DXF format.

developer: Simon Mieth
version: 0.4
license: The Apache License 2.0
updated: 2008-04-22
downloads: 478
Kohonen 1.0

Kohonen is a tool for image color mapping.

developer: Nicolas P. Rougier
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2008-04-19
downloads: 1018
KIPI Plugin: OpenGL Image Viewer 0.1.1

KIPI Plugin: OpenGL Image Viewer package is an OpenGL image viewer KIPI plugin.

developer: Markus Leuthold
version: 0.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2007-01-29
downloads: 980
KPDF 0.5.5

KPDF project is a pdf viewer based on xpdf for KDE.

developer: KPDF team
version: 0.5.5
license: GPL
updated: 2007-01-11
downloads: 8041
Kooka 0.44

Kooka is an intuitive, easy to use open source GNU/Linux scan program.

developer: Klass Freitag
version: 0.44
license: GPL
updated: 2005-05-31
downloads: 4400
KpovModeler 1.1.1

KPovModeler is a modeling and composition program for creating POV-Ray scenes in KDE.

developer: Andreas Zehender
version: 1.1.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-05-30
downloads: 953
KPhotoAlbum 4.0

KPhotoAlbum is a tool for annotating, searching, and viewing images.

developer: Jesper K. Pedersen
version: 4.0
license: GPL
updated: 2009-05-12
downloads: 583
Karbon14 1.6.3

Karbon is a vector-based drawing application for KOffice.

developer: KOffice Team
version: 1.6.3
license: GPL
updated: 2009-05-01
downloads: 3959
Kimagesorter 0.5

Easily move images from folder to folder

developer: Dmitry Chernov
version: 0.5
license: GPL
updated: 2011-03-26
downloads: 112
KSplasher 2.0 Beta 1

KSplasher is a KDE Moodin engine splash screen editor and creator.

developer: Ignacio Molina
version: 2.0 Beta 1
license: GPL
updated: 2008-08-03
downloads: 1347
kachelmann 0.12

kachelmann allows a user to draw simple diagrams, especially genograms, easily from icons.

developer: Stefan Wagner
version: 0.12
license: GPL v3
updated: 2007-07-05
downloads: 418
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