pam list downloads.

PamXACML 0.2 Alpha

Extensible access control markup language support for pam applications

developer: Andreas Klenk and Tobias Heide
version: 0.2 Alpha
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-10-27
downloads: 290
JPam 1.1

JPam - Permits the use of PAM authentication facilities by Java applications

developer: Greg Luck
version: 1.1
license: Freeware
updated: 2008-01-17
downloads: 1287
pam_mount module 2.13

A Pluggable Authentication Module that can mount volumes for a user session

developer: Jan Engelhardt
version: 2.13
license: LGPL
updated: 2011-12-15
downloads: 1864
pam_eaccess 0.1

pam_eaccess is a PAM module which add a generic way to do authorization.

developer: Bruno Bonfils
version: 0.1
license: GPL
updated: 2005-11-09
downloads: 1087
pam_eps 1.0

pam_eps enables you to authentify users against a machine with a ssh daemon running.

developer: Ricardo Ribalda Delgado
version: 1.0
license: GPL
updated: 2006-07-13
downloads: 239
pam_ccreds 4

The pam_ccreds module provides the means for Linux workstations to locally authenticate .

developer: PADL Software Pty Ltd.
version: 4
license: GPL
updated: 2006-07-15
downloads: 381
pam_mktemp 1.1.1

A PAM module which may be used with a PAM-aware login service to provide per-user private directories...

developer: Solar Designer
version: 1.1.1
license: BSD License
updated: 2010-09-20
downloads: 536
PAM S/Key module 1.1.5

PAM S/Key is a module based on the original S/Key suite from Wietse Venema's logdaemon.

developer: Dinko Korunic
version: 1.1.5
license: GPL
updated: 2007-10-03
downloads: 481
PAM ListMySQL Module 0.1.3

PAM ListMySQL Module joins the functionality of both pam_mysql and pam_listfile.

developer: Rodrigo S Wanderley
version: 0.1.3
license: GPL
updated: 2005-12-01
downloads: 367
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